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Students, if you are using elearn email, your address has changed. 

Log in by going to  http://www.google.com/a/bedfordk12.org

Use your assigned username and password.   

Registration for BeL begins Aug 4th.   Classes begin August 13th.   1/2 credit courses end  Oct 10th.   1 credit courses end December 10th.        

We now have a class for parents on E-Parenting.  You may visit the open class without a password.  


If a student gets behind or fails to log in, the student will be cautioned.   The student must catch up all late assignments by the following weekend or they will receive a snail mail letter than the student is on online academic probation. If that student doesn't immediately catch up, he/she will be asked to return to traditional courses.    

If you are having trouble with this software, click the section below to test for elearn issues.  


1/8/15 - courses open

3/6/15 - 9 week courses end

3/6/15 - 9 week courses begin again

5/8/15 - Semester course ends

5/10/15  - All online grades should be finalized by this date

5/11/15 - begin enrollment for summer school courses

5/13/15 - Online Summer school begins (6 weeks and will be only selected courses) 

EOC Schedule 

If you are taking Alg I, Alg II, English I, II , or III or Biology or Chemistry, you have to take the EOC's.   Please see below and contact the school for the exact times.    

Apr 27-Alg I (am) and Eng III (pm)

Apr 28-Alg II (am) and Eng I (pm)

Apr 29-Eng II (am)

Apr 30-Bio I (am) and Chem (pm)

May 1-make ups

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