Welcome to Bedford e-Learn!   

Students, if you are using elearn email

log in by going to  http://www.google.com/a/bedfordk12.org

Use your assigned username and password.   

The Online Messenger in this software works even better than email!   Look to the left and click "messages" and you'll be able to send those.   

If a student gets behind or fails to log in, the student will be cautioned.   The student must catch up all late assignments by the following weekend or they will receive a snail mail letter that the student is on online academic probation. If that student doesn't immediately catch up, he/she will be asked to return to traditional courses.    

                          Please, please see your counselor to ensure that you have taken the EOC.   ALL seniors online need to contact your school's counselor.   YOU MUST TAKE THIS TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are having trouble with this software, click the section below for testing for elearn issues.  

READ Announcements Below!

Classes are open now. See your Graduation Coach if you don't know your password.

  You then must be finished with all online courses by May. 8th! Please work hard and complete all courses in which you are enrolled.   If you have EOC testing, get that completed.  Talk to your counselor about that.   

All students must contact your counselor and get a time/date for your EOC!!!   Get to 50 and then test!   Do NOT take this lightly!!

  All work for any course will need to be completed by May 8th.   

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