The Bedford County School System has a before and afterschool program at these schools from a 21st Century Community Centers Grant: 

Central High School

Harris Middle School 

It is available for students before school at 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and it is open again afterschool from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  

 Sherry Lawell  is the Site Director at Harris Middle and Linda Yockey is the Site Director at SCHS.   Both keep up with time sheets, monitoring forms, collect data, and keep records and turn that in to the Project Director (Betsy Norris).   Please see Ms. Lawell or Ms. Yockey for specifics of the program at these sites.   

Transporation is  available after school within 4 miles radius of the school.   All students wanting to ride must get with the above school site director and they will submit the student for approval.   There will be a 24 hour wait before confirmation that the student is accepted to ride.   

If you would like to stay for one of the great afterschool programs, please notify the site director at your school.   


  •   The grant includes all kinds of activities that includes a gardening course and a cooking class at Harris and online and credit recovery at Central.    
  •   If you need extra help with certain subjects, please contact the site directors at the school.   Assistance with credit recovery or new online courses is available.  

Bedford County School System offers afterschool extended learning at: 

Eakin Elementary, Learning Way, Southside and Eastside

3:00 to 5:30

If you are interested in afterschool, please contact the Central Office.   

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— President Barack Obama, September 16, 2010