High School English 

Students will study a variety of American literary genres: short

story, novel, drama, nonfiction, essay and poetry. Major writers

may include, but are not limited to, the following: Hawthorne,

Dickinson, Twain and Poe. Specific practices in writing will

include constructing sentences, paragraphs and various short

compositions. Study of grammar and usage will supplement

writing exercises and other assignments. Formal writing will be

word processed.

Welcome to English 10. This course continues to develop the student’s grammar skills, emphasizing parts of speech, sentence patterns, phrases, clauses, and correct usage of verbs, pronouns, and modifiers. It includes a review of capitalization and punctuation. Students create portfolios that include fourteen writing assignments, including a personal letter, response to literature, cause-and-effect essay, poetry and metaphor, eyewitness report, oral anecdote, webpage design, short story, research essay, coordination and subordination, persuasive speech, and journal writing.